Check List: Preparing for a trip

We’ve all experienced it. Your trip is coming up in a few days; you know you have to do laundry, figure out what outfits you’ll pack, and make a last minute run to Target to buy all the travel-sized toiletries.  (I am obsessed with the mini-Febreze

As I was getting ready for my work trip to Guayaquil, I knew our laundry hamper was getting piled up, the sheets and towels needed a wash, and the trash needed to be taken out. These tasks can seem pretty daunting and overwhelming. Truly, who actually enjoys doing chores? Not me. 

The day arrived. My flight left at 4 PM. That meant I had about 5 hours to accomplish a giant list of procrastinated tasks. This was when I told myself “Think how much better you’ll feel when you’re back, and everything is done and clean.” Yup. Whether I wanted to or not, I knew I had to do it and leave on the trip with peace of mind.

I compiled a list of chores I recommend doing before leaving on a trip - even if the trip is just for a couple of days. The thing about doing these chores is that you can tackle a few at a time.

-       Start with doing laundry - all of it. Chances are, you’ll take at least some of those clean clothes with you on the trip.

-       While you’re at it: wash the bath and hand towels. There’s something nice about folding and putting away freshly-washed towels in the linen closet.

-       Wash your bed sheets. This one is gold for me. Is there anything better than coming home from a trip and having your bed made with clean sheets that smell like fresh cotton? I don’t think so.

-       While the wash is running, check to see if there are dishes to wash. If there’s a pile in the sink, get right to it! Load up the dishwasher if necessary.

-       Go through all the waste-bins in the house, empty them out and refill with a clean bag. Take out the trash!

-       Pick up anything that is on the floor our out of place in your bedroom. De-cluttering will make you happier. Clear space, clear mind.

-       If you have a natural air-freshener plugin or something you can leave on while you’re away, plug it in. Your home/room will smell great when you’re back. 

-       Days (sometimes even a week) before the trip, start thinking of the outfits you’ll need for the trip. In my case, this time it was a work trip. I knew I needed at least two pairs of pants and a wrap-dress. Pick the shoes you’ll wear, and your traveling shoes – ideally all shoes should be comfortable. Think of your tops. Black, whites, nudes, and stripes are the easiest to match and pair with all kinds of pants.  Don’t forget something with long sleeves in case it gets cold (or even for the plane). Of course, what you pack will always vary depending on where you’re going and how the weather will be.
If you’re anything like me, you may over-pack at first. If you can, go through the clothes one more time before putting them in the bag. I always try to remove at least a few items. We all know you’re not gonna wear them.

-       Toiletries. This one is important. Invest in a good toiletry bag. Maybe something like this or this. Grab the obvious: toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant. Go to Target or Walgreens to raid the travel section for travel-sized toiletries. I always have one mini shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and face soap. If you don’t check a bag, you’ll have to think in all mini sizes.  Some extras I like to pack: makeup-removing wipes, mini Febreze, ibuprofen, qtips and face moisturizer. If you need to bring any other medication, or contact lenses, pack that too! Ideally, everything should fit in one toiletry bag.

-       Ladies, once you have your toiletry bag down you can tackle the makeup bag. Try to take only the essentials. Unless you go to a nice part or event, you probably don’t need three different eye-shadow pallets. Pick your favorites and trusty makeup items and pack those.

-       Put everything in your carryon or bag! You’re all set.

I know that getting ready for a trip might seem tedious and overwhelming. It can be a fun process. Once you do it once, you’ll get better and faster the next time around.

Do you have a packing routine you always stick to? Tell me about it in the comments!
Thanks for reading!

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