Last-Minute Gift ideas for the lady traveler in your life

I know Christmas is just around the corner, but, who doesn’t love receiving a little gift just because you love them and want to gift them something special?

Us lady travelers may love some décor items for the home as well as some wearable wanderlust. Here are some great little gift ideas for those ladies with insatiable wanderlust.

State or country shaped necklace. A cute little necklace in the shape of their US State or home country! Maybe it’s for your best friend who moved to a different state or country and you want to remind her how much you miss her!
Get it on Amazon for $13.99

 Anchor Gold or Silver Lariat Necklace
This simple and delicately designed necklace is perfect to show off your love of travel
Get it from CharmedTraveler on Etsy for $32.00

The best and comfiest t-shirt
A comfy t-shirt to wear anytime, anywhere
Get it on ElloElloStore on Etsy for $19.99

A world map necklace
An original trendy jewel perfect for every day and in any occasion.
Get it from AddictedToJewel from Etsy for $27.90

External battery packs
It has Two USB ports so it’s perfect for your phone, and camera to be charged together!
Get it on Amazon for $29.99

Open bangle wanderlust bracelet
This beautiful bracelet is formed by a band of hammered brass with the figure of a plane and a cloud (hand cut) and it’s adjustable to any size wrist.
Get it from VictoriAtelier on Etsy for $29.00

Super warm jacket
This jacket shrinks down so that it'll always fit in their suitcase.
Get it on Uniqlo for $79.90

World globe with magnetic pins
Perfect for the traveler’s home! A globe, so they can stick a pin in all the destinations on their bucket list.
Get it on Amazon for $79.95

Packing cube set

Perfect for keeping your clothes in your bag super organized!
Get it on Amazon for $22.99

Tiny iron
A very small iron you can take with you anywhere! Your clothes never need to be wrinkled
Get it on Amazon for $17.99

Travel Brush Set
Perfect for traveling because they’ll help you save space but still have all your tools while you trot around the globe.
Get it on Amazon for $9.94

What are your go-to sites when looking for a unique gift? Tell me in the comments