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How to Spend 48 hours in Bordeaux, France

A very special city in our France trip was Bordeaux. It is located in the southwestern region of the country and it is considered to be the wine industry capital of the world. Although a big city in terms of geographical area, most of the tourist attractions are in the center of the city. There are wine stores at almost every corner where you can pick up a few rare bottles and do some fun and casual wine tastings. Get your walking shoes ready, because you will be walking a lot! This two day itinerary is geared towards travelers who want to take things by foot to enjoy all the sites this beautiful city has to offer.

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London: The City of Markets

They say the best way to get a true sense of a city is to stroll around its street markets; and that statement couldn't be more true when it comes to visiting a market in London. Simply put, London is a city of markets. Dozens of bazaars populate the city’s streets, where stalls overflow with all kinds of goods, foods and general necessities. This posts highlights the 9 markets I visited while in London!

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What to see in London as a First Time Visitor

A special post covering the must-visit spots in London for those first-time visitors! London is, by far, one of the most popular city destinations in the world. The city is quite big, so my recommendation is to at least spend 5 full days here. I think that five days will give you enough time to visit museums, well-known landmarks, and its historic architecture!

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