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Exploring Chicago in Three Days

No matter when or what your travel style, Chicago is always a good idea. Even now in February. Yes it’s cold but yes, it’s still beautiful and so much fun. I am happy to share my favorite places and my newest discoveries. Chicago is one of the best food and cultural destinations in the U.S., and a place that has something for everyone, this city has truly captured my heart.

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Girls Weekend in SoCal

Los Angeles is a city of stories. Whether you’ve grown up amongst the palms, packed up the trunk and moved bright-eyed to have your coming of age, or, learned to love the cityscape through the movie screen—certain visions reign supreme. The Hollywood Sign, the pink palace façade of the Beverly Hills Hotel, and the panoramic views from the Griffith Observatory are iconic sights long sealed in to our collective consciousness.

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A long weekend in St. Augustine, Florida

What makes a place great isn't necessarily how far away it is, how long you spend there or how much cash you drop. What makes a place great is 'newness.' Weekend trips help us break the weeks’ routine and gives us the opportunity to visit a new place and explore something different, and St. Augustine in Florida is just the kind of different most people are looking for.

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